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What is a STACYC™?

STACYC™ Stability Cycle is an Electric Powered Balance Bike.  STACYC was designed to be a non intimidating way for young children to lean and enjoy riding two wheels. A STACYC™ is the first “powered” balance bike and is confidence inspiring for a child who has only been walking for a short time. If your child can walk, they can begin to ride a STACYC™ in the non-powered mode. Once your child is proficient in coasting and braking, they can begin the last “powered” phases of the process. This will bridge them through the awkward years of physical development where the leg/torso ratio does not allow for a low and stable seat height in a regular bicycle. The STACYC™ was designed to allow children to gain all the skills of riding bicycles and while allowing for an extremely low seat height and low weight, providing thousands of hours of seat time, not easily attainable with a regular “kids” sized bicycle.

How do you pronounce STACYC™?

/stā●sik/ or "stay sick"

What model should I buy?

Great question. We offer 2 different models for toddlers aged 3-7 years old, although body size and mental maturity are more important indicators.

12  EDRIVE-The Skill-Building, 12” wheel size model. This model is a great first bike for 3-5 year olds weighing up to 75lbs. Its super simple design features the core elements that make STACYC™ the number one and only “powered” balance bike brand in the world.

16  EDRIVE-The Skill-Building, 16” wheel size model. This model is a great first bike for 5-7 year olds weighing up to 75lbs. Its super simple design features the core elements that make STACYC™ the number one and only “powered” balance bike brand in the world.

What size should I buy?

STACYC™ bikes are available in a  12EDRIVE and a  16EDRIVE model (number refers to wheel diameter in inches). For children with an inseam of 17” or less, we suggest a 12” model. For children with an inseam more than 17” and less than 23”, we suggest the 16” models. Both bikes are designed to function with riders weighing less than 75lbs. More than 75lb riders will see a significant drop in battery life and runtime. The experience will not be optimal.

My child is less than 3 years old, can they ride it?

If your child is proficiently walking, he or she can ride a STACYC™, but we do not encourage children under 3 to ride the bike. Parental supervision is of utmost importance for young children to keep them safe. Our Patent Pending design offers the perfect combination of low seat height, low center-of-gravity, and light weight, allowing even the smallest children to find success. Do not worry about buying those awkward kids bikes with tall seats, #ridestacyc until your child can easily reach the pedals on a proper 18-20” wheel size bike.

There are no pedals.  How do they make it go, how do they make it stop?

Initially, in the non-powered mode, children put their feet on the ground and push. It functions just like a balance bike (also referred to as running bikes.) Young children have the most stability by using their legs to walk and balance. 

Stopping is just as easy as starting; they just put their feet down. As your child progresses, they should start to use the powerful handbrake. When the child has great command of the handbrake, they can begin the Slow Power Mode. Just follow the  process.

What is the process?

Non-powered mode:

  • Standing over the bike and walking
  • Seated on the bike and walking
  • Seated on the bike and running
  • Seated coasting on the bike with feet on the foot platforms
  • Standing coasting on the bike with feet on the foot platforms
  • Using the handbrake when seated
  • Using the handbrake when standing

Powered Mode:

SLOW – walking speed (RED Light)

  1. Learning to use the twist throttle
  2. Running speed for the child so they can balance on the bike
  3. Learning to balance and put their feet on the platforms
  4. Show understanding and competence to turn off throttle to slow and stop
  5. Can still use feet and handbrake to stop

MEDIUM – faster walking speed (YELLOW Light)

  1. Majority of users will find this speed to be adequate for much of the usage

FAST – jogging speed (GREEN Light)

  1. For advanced and older users only

How fast does the bike go?

The bikes have 3 power options. Both bikes function as a balance bike, so they potentially can go as fast as the child wants, as long as they can push or coast down a hill. On flat asphalt, the 12” STACYC has a theoretical top speed of 9 mph (no load), and the 16” STACYC™ has a theoretical top speed of 11 mph.

How high should the seat be?

Please do not raise the seat.  Seat height is critical for correct knee angle to provide efficient pedaling of a bicycle.  The STACYC™ does not have pedals, so the safest and most stable and confidence inspiring seat height is a low one.  For the non-powered mode, the proper seat height should have the child sitting on the saddle with feet flat on the ground and a slight bend in the knees, but because our system quickly transitions into powered riding, we have seen that seat height does not need to be adjusted higher. A low seat height offers the most stability and safety. Your child will learn that standing is the most effective way to maneuver.

My child is big enough to pedal a bike, but doesn't want to quit riding the STACYC™?

Let your kids have fun. The entire basis of the STACYC™ is to transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes, and it will happen. The best thing that can happen is that your child continues to get extra seat time two wheels. The more repetition they get, the more bike skills they will develop before they need to pedal.

What kind of battery does the STACYC™ use?

STACYC™ uses an industrial grade Lithium Ion battery, specifically designed for STACYC™ Stability Cycles. We follow testing and safety standards used in the power tool industry to provide a safe, lightweight, and powerful energy system.

How long does the battery last?

The runtime of a battery is highly dependent on riders ability, terrain, and child size. In general, we ask, that if your child is 50lbs and would be able to “enjoy” riding a bicycle for 10 or more minutes of continuous pedaling, the 16” STACYC™ will typically run from 30-60 min, depending on how aggressive the rider is. On our 12” STACYC™, with smaller children, we have seen batteries last up to 2 hours.  If you ride in grass, loose dirt or sand, the runtime will drop dramatically.  

How long does it take to charge a battery?

The charger will charge a completely discharged battery in 110min.  We rarely see a completely discharged battery, and usually see a 45-60 min charge time. Usually this is about the same time as the usage of the bike for a 50lb child on flat, hard ground.

Can my child ride the STACYC™ in the grass?

You can ride the bike in the grass, but do you think your child would be able to ride a pedal bike in the grass? The runtime of the bike would be greatly reduced. We suggest riding the bike on flat, hard ground (asphalt or concrete), free of rocks and loose debris.

Can my child ride the bike up hills?

The bike can be ridden up certain hills, but it is not intended to do so. Runtime of the bike will be greatly reduced. We always go back to the basic question; Do you think your child could pedal a bike continuously for 10min uphill and have fun? If so, our bike performs well. Our target for the bike is to have a power system that is similar to what a child is capable of with pedals.

Can the STACYC™ be ridden in WET conditions?

Our bikes were designed to be ridden in DRY, safe conditions in all aspects. DO NOT let your child ride any model STACYC™ in rain, snow, sleet or hail. . . any sort of wet riding activity voids any and all warranties.